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Hana ; I am a 21 year old going on 22 whose greatest fort is procrastinating. This is a very terrible habit I have developed due to the increasing difficulty in work load as years increase, or so I feel that way.
Other than that, evidently I fangirl kat-tun only but occasionally would switch to Ryo-chan if he happened to have a cute moment anywhere. I rant a lot and rant mostly about nostalgic things in my past and vent my frustration IN CAPS all the time.

Lastly, lastly, akame no matter how small makes me smile at all times of the day and kokame ish sho squishy.I like to write stuff, but they don't usually end up finish, except for essays written during exams I have not managed to finish quite alot of junk I have started. This is almost often due to that I get bored easily, and some things I write in the moment makes me gag and wail at their stupidity and awesome boring-ness.

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akame, azumanga daioh, chiaki-sempai, death note, diana duane, diana wynne jones, e-books, enid blyton, eyeshield 21, harry potter, hitman reborn, hongo kanata, ichigo mashimaro, izumi sakurazawa, jyannis, kamechan, kat-tun, koki's spastic smile, kokikame, laugh at ueda, lemony snicket, lol @ jurro, loveholic, lovely complex, mr children, my boss my hero, nobuta wo produce, obata-sensei, paddington bear, pronouncing maruyama ryohei, range murata, remioromen, rps fics, ryo's nose, ryokame, sayonara zetsubou sensei, school rumble, sumire17, sumomo mo momo mo, tattakoi, teppei, winnie the pooh, yahoo games, yazawa ai
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